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Amendments in law of Estonia

Amendments in law of Estonia, Europe (see Amendments in law of Europe continent)

The Estonian Constitution is 15 years old. The first Estonian Constitution was passed in 1920. The amendments adopted by a referendum in 1933 were so essential and important that they are often called the 1933 Constitution. In 1937, President Konstantin Päts submitted to the National Assembly a new draft Constitution, which entered into force on 1 January 1938. The current Constitution of the Republic of Estonia is among the most stable ones in Estonian constitutional history. It was adopted by a referendum on 28 June 1992 and remained completely unaltered for more than ten years. On 25 February 2003, the Constitution of the Republic of Estonia Amendment Act was passed in the Riigikogu for the election of local government councils for a term of four years; it entered into force on 17 October 2005. Another major amendment was made as a result of the referendum of 14 September 2003, when it was decided to pass the Accession to the European Union (EU) and the Constitution Amendment Act (CAA). The next amendment took place in April 2007, and entered into force on 21 July 2007; the preamble of the Constitution was amended to include the state’s objective of guaranteeing the preservation of the Estonian language through the ages.

Citizenship Act

*the naturalization process has been significantly simplified for disabled persons and persons with a restricted active legal capacity;

*graduates of basic school, secondary school or vocational school can complete the exams on the Estonian Constitution and citizenship law, both required for gaining citizenship, as a part of their final exams in school. In basic school it is part of the social studies exam and in secondary school and vocational school it is part of the state exam for citizenship studies. The policy described above also applies to the Estonian language exam;

*the time required for obtaining Estonian citizenship has been considerably shortened;

*the costs of the language courses are reimbursed to those who pass the citizenship language exam and the exam on the Constitution and the Citizenship Act. There is no charge for taking either examination.

2012 amendments when issuing residence permits to foreigners

The aim of the law amendments would thus be to stop the situation that it is enough to found a company and make a payment of 63,000 EUR in its account to get an Estonian residence permit and Schengen entrance rights that it automatically accompanies.

Law on collective bargaining

February 21, 2012

Citing public pressure, the Parliament's Legal Affairs Committee on February 20 altered its draft amendments to the law on collective bargaining, mandating that parties give at least six month's notice before unilaterally pulling out of an indefinite agreement. Yet, the change marks a slight concession from the version of the Collective Agreement Act amendments approved by the committee on February 13, which allowed the parties to cancel with just three months' notice, but is nowhere near the two years that the public had demanded. Under the law, a collective agreement becomes indefinite by default when it expires. But whereas the current law makes the terms of the agreement binding after that time, the amended version allows an employer to cancel the contract. On 18 February, several thousand workers on a union rally in Tallinn gathered to protest the planned changes to the law, which union leaders say are being rushed through without their input.

Note: Changed made under public pressure.

Bankruptcy law

March 9, 2009

The main amendment that is planned at the moment is that, before declaring the bankruptcy, it should not be referred to as a bankruptcy proceeding. Therefore, it would not be possible to talk about the bankruptcy proceedings in respect of the debtor, whose insolvency has not been established and whose bankruptcy has not yet been declared. Hence, the proposal to amend the Bankruptcy Act is in the principle that the bankruptcy proceeding will commence with declaration of bankruptcy.

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