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Amendments in law of Latvia

Amendments in law of Latvia, Europe (see Amendments in law of Europe continent)

Immigration Law

Latvian citizenship is granted to newborns, regardless of where they are born, if one of their parents is a citizen of Latvia. Non-citizens' children born in Latvia after August 21, 1991 also is granted Latvian citizenship if they are permanent residents of Latvia and currently have the status of a stateless person or a non-citizen, and if the parents of the child have no objections and confirm that they will help the child learn the Latvian language and respect the state of Latvia.

Latvian citizenship also is retained for every person who becomes a citizen of another country through marriage or adoption.

Citizenship Law

Citizenship law relates to immigration matters and thus this subsection strengthen written with following.

According to the amendments, persons who have acquired the citizenship of a state not mentioned above will be able to retain Latvian citizenship upon permission of the Cabinet of Ministers. Those who have acquired the citizenship of another state through marriage or adoption will also be able to retain Latvian citizenship.

Immigration Law to foreigner for living in Latvia

Amendments provide that:

* a foreigner may apply for temporary residence permit (see also Residence permit in Latvia) for a period up to 5 years upon contribution of 25 000 LVL into the equity capital of a company whose turnover or year balance does not exceed 7 million LVL and which employs up to 50 employees and pays not less than 20 000 LVL in taxes annually;

* a foreigner may apply for temporary residence permit for a period up to 5 years upon investing a sum of 100 000 LVL into the equity capital of a company or contributing the said amount into foundation of a new company;

* a foreigner may apply for temporary residence permit for a period up to 5 years upon purchase of immovable property in Riga or biggest Latvianhj cities for a sum not less than 100 000 LVL (and said property’s cadastral value shall be 30 000 LVL), or elsewhere in Latvia for a sum not less than 50 000 LVL (and said property’s cadastral value shall be 10 000 LVL). Foreigner applying for a temporary residence permit will be obliged to purchase the immovable property only from a legal entity registered in Latvia, citizen of Latvia or other EU country, non-citizen of Latvia or a foreigner who holds a valid Latvian residence permit.

Competition Law

March, 2012

Competition Council of Latvia distributed to interested parties a legislative draft proposal for amendments to the Competition Law with the intention to ascertain the opinions of different interested parties before submitting the legislative proposal to the Cabinet of Ministers.

The proposed amendments are quite significant. Below is a list of some of the more significant proposed amendments:

* The appeal of a Competition Council decision would no longer suspend the obligation to pay the fines imposed on market participants;

* The Competition Council would significantly broader rights in relation to securing of performance of imposed obligations and payment of the fines imposed for violations of Competition Law;

The Competition Council would have the right to impose a fine of up to 1% of the turnover of the particular market participant for failure to provide requested information or for provision of false or misleading information to the Competition Council. This is a significant increase in potential exposure for companies given that currently the maximum fine for such actions or omissions is LVL 10,000;

* The acquirer(s) of assets or rights to these which are connected to a violation of Competition Law would be jointly liable together with the market participant which has violated Competition Law. Thus, it would no longer be possible to escape the payment of fine for violation of Competition Law by transferring assets to a third party and initiating insolvency proceedings;

* The merger notification thresholds would include a new sub-threshold, namely, where the combined market share of parties exceeds 40% in any relevant market, a merger would not have to be submitted only where one of two undertakings concerned has turnover less than LVL 1.5 million and the combined turnover of the parties in Latvia does not exceed LVL 5 million;

* In order to alleviate the difficulty for third parties of proving damages incurred from infringements of Competition Law and to facilitate increased civil damages actions for Competition Law infringements, the proposal includes a new provision, whereby in cases where the infringement of Competition Law concerns a cartel agreement (for horizontal agreements) or resale price maintenance/agreement on partition of markets (for vertical agreements), there is a rebuttable presumption that as a result of such infringement of Competition Law the price of the relevant products increased by 10%;

* It would be possible to conclude an administrative agreement with the Competition Council not only during the appeal proceedings in court but also during the review proceedings at the Competition Council. As a precondition for concluding an administrative agreement, the relevant market participant would have to admit its guilt for having violated Competition Law;

* The duration for submitting response to the so-called Statement of Objections would be extended from 10 to 20 calendar days.

Electronic Media Law

18 October, 2012

Cabinet of Ministers approved a concept On the Distribution of Terrestrial Digital Television Programmes as of 2014, which provides different distribution modes for free TV and pay TV programmes. According to the concept, the state owned company Latvian Radio and Television Centre will ensure the distribution of free national and regional television programmes, whereas the pay TV programmes will be distributed by one or more commercial operators selected on the basis of a tender organized by the Cabinet of Ministers.

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