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Baltic Legal

Baltic Legal is an internationally oriented comprehensive law firm and business adviser composed of experienced lawyers. Baltic Legal offers full range of legal services and accounting services to domestic and international businesses. Law office is situated in Riga, Latvia.

Baltic Legal provides high-quality legal advice and business support related to commercial law, company law and immigration.


Baltic Legal renders services for local entrepreneurs as well as for foreign citizens and companies. Recognized for its expertise in legal issues involving emerging markets of European Union and CIS countries, the firm`s clients include listed corporations, venture capitalists, promising start-ups and well-established companies.

The firm is active within all branches of the law and provides a broad spectrum of quality legal services. A major focus of Baltic Legal practice is rendering services to foreign enterprises doing business in all three Baltic States - Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia. As countries have different cultural, legal and business administration systems, without local knowledge and experience, opening a company and it`s registration in a foreign country can be a challenge, says Baltic Legal official webpage

Baltic Legal lawyers have broad experience across the range of legal issues that companies can expect to confront on the Latvian market and Baltic market as whole. Baltic Legal provides not only legal service, but is also able to pursue evaluation of basic economic information of proposed business partner, for example, date of registration, ownership, activities, major contractors, tax matters etc.


Baltic Legal works with clients in different areas of law, under main headings- Company Formation and Registration, Corporate Law, Tax Law, Business law, Commercial Law and Accounting Services.

Baltic Legal emphasizes a high level of service in providing for the needs of its clients. Baltic Legal office advises both Latvian and international clients on a full range of Latvian law matters including, among others, mergers and acquisitions, corporate and commercial, real estate.

Baltic Legal provides full range of legal services in Latvia and general legal support through Baltic States - Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. Companys main areas are company establishment including drafting foundation and formation documents of the company and documents aimed to register amendments of the incorporation documents, administrative cases, elaboration and analysis of all kinds of agreements used in commercial activity, consultations regarding national and international registration of trademarks, use of exclusive rights on the trademark, sale of the trademark, its transfer to other persons and consultations regarding the origin of authorship, its possible deposition, use of the copyright object, transfer of copyright to other people, violation of copyright.

Company Formation

Legal services for Company Formation including procedure of incorporation, required documents and information processings,company registration in the Commercial Register, legal address registration and any legal advice and support may necessary for formation.

Tax Advice

Blatic Legal provides high-quality legal advice about Corporate income tax, Personal income tax, Social insurance contributions (social tax), Property tax, Value added tax (VAT), Excise duty, Customs duty, Lottery and gambling tax, Natural resources tax and Car and motorcycle tax in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, accordance with the actual law changes.

Real Estate

Baltic Legal provides support for investing in real estate and obtain residence permit in Latvia and other EU countries. Office provides offers of real estate in accordance with the requirements of residence permit, in addition with favorable market prices and settle all necessary documents needed to apply for residence permit.

Bank accounts

Bank account opening assistance for non-residents in Latvia. This professional legal assistance in opening bank accounts for natural persons and companies is useful if non-resident is looking for a secure place to deal with his or her monetary transactions.

Company purchase

Baltic Legal considers all offers of ready made companies sale in Latvia and Baltic states.

Company sale

Sale service of ready made companies in Latvia and Baltic states, those are for entrepreneurs, who need already existing company with previous activity, new company or company with VAT certificate, to start their business as soon as possible.

Administrative cases

Analysis of administrative decisions made by public authorities, consultations regarding the appealing against administrative decisions.

Preparation of applications and other documents to appeal against administrative decisions.

Representation and protection of client’s interests in the Administrative court of Latvia.

Consultations and assistance in receiving compensation for material and moral damage caused by public and self-government authorities, assistance in defining the amount of the damage.


Contract assistance for various branches of the law. Legal support for conclusion, breach, and dispute of contract.

Business Law services

Baltic Legal provides any kind legal services of issues referable to Corporate Law, Business Law or Commercial Law as lawyers have broad experience across this rang and clients of this area mostly become cooperation partners.


Business Formation - see above Company Formation

Property Law - in accordance with their Real Estate (see above) service Baltic Legal provides any help for issue conected with acquisition of real estate to obtain residance permit.

Internet presence

Baltic Legal (managed by Artis Zelmenis) does very well being found-able online. This company has made its own Facebook page and active updates in official Twitter account posting on whats going on in company, additionally newest from webpage.


Baltic Legal

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