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Benefits of residence permit in Latvia

There are benefits of different aspects to be used when a residence permit is obtained.

Free movement across Europe

The holders of Latvia Residence Permit enjoy several benefits with connection of free movement across Europe :

*)Unrestricted movement across the Schengen Area.

*)Entry into EU (only Schengen treaty) member countries without needing to obtain a visa.

*)Multiple entries into this Baltic state

Easier to deal with business

*)Latvia has amongst lowest cost of doing business in Europe and has an impressive worldwide ranking of 21 in terms of ease of doing business. The country provides pleasant tax benefits for start-up businesses.

*)Geographical location provides opens up more business opportunities

*)Unrestricted freedom to do business and investments in Latvia

Better Education

Quality of life

Low cost of living- Latvia has amongst lowest cost of living amongst the European nations, thus giving person more reasons to make the country his/her long term home and/or an important base for expanding your long term business expansion goals.

Favorable climate

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