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Competitors are two or more market participants who compete. The supervision authority related to the competition issues is Competition Council (Konkurences Padome).

When competition is deemed as illegal

Any market participant who is in a dominant position is prohibited from abusing such dominant position in any manner in the territory of Latvia.

The Competition Law determines number of cases when an abuse of dominant position might be constituted.

Abuse of dominant position may also occur as:

*) refusal to enter into transactions with other market participants or to amend the provisions of a transaction without an objectively justifiable reason, including unfair and unjustified refusal to supply products or deliver services

*) restriction of the amount of the production or sale of products, the market or technical development without an objectively justifiable reason to the detriment of consumers

*) imposition of provisions according to which entering into, amendment or termination of a transaction with another market participant is made dependent on whether this market participant undertakes additional obligations which, by their nature and commercial use, do not pertain to the particular transaction

*) direct or indirect imposition or application of unfair purchase or selling prices or other unfair trading provisions

*) application of unequal provisions in equivalent contracts with other market participants,by way of creating for them, in terms of competition, disadvantageous conditions

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