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Corporate income tax

relates to Republic of Latvia

Corporate income tax in Latvia is one of the lowest in EU – 15% that presently is one of cornerstones for attracting investments. It is also facilitated by different corporate income tax credits.

The object upon which the corporate income tax is imposed is the taxable income obtained by a tax payer during a taxation period. The tax base is corporate financial income adjusted according to the law

Corporate income tax is not assessed on dividends paid to non-resident corporations and on dividends received from non-residents. Starting from January 1, 2014, corporate income tax will not be assessed on interest paid to non-residents and on payments for the use of intellectual property. This rule will not apply to payments from low tax countries or countries charging no tax.

Groups of Corporate income tax payers

*)Resident or domestic companies performing economic activity,

*)organisations and institutions funded from the state budget or municipal budgets, which obtain income from economic activity;

*)non-resident or foreign companies, business entities, natural and other persons;

*)permanent representative offices of non-resident undertakings

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