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Countries with permanent residency systems

Not every country necessarily has a facility for someone to be a 'permanent resident'. All European Union countries have a facility for someone to become a permanent resident, as EU legislation allows an EU national who moves to another EU country to attain permanent resident status after residing there for five years. Other countries have varying forms of such residency and relationships with other countries with regards to this status.

Countries that have some type of permanent resident status include:






*)Brunei Darussalam

*)Canada (permanent residents were known as landed immigrants before 28 June 2002)


*)China ( programme started from 2004)

*)Dominican Republic






*)Czech Republic















*)Portugal -


*)Slovak Republic




*)United Kingdom (either through Indefinite Leave to Remain or Right of Abode or Permanent Residence for EEA nationals) - Descriptions.


*)Hong Kong









*)New Zealand


*)Peru ()




*)South Africa

*)South Korea


*)Taiwan, the Republic of China


*)United States (called Lawful Permanent Residence)


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