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The term document has multiple meanings in ordinary language and in legal language.

Term document in ordinary language usually has following meanings :

*) writing on papers that provides information of an official nature.

*) written document that is serving as a represation of persons information and has specified marks that confirms the document, eg.passport

*) a written account of some obligations or ownership

*) a computer file that contains text

Document term in documentation science

The documentation science considers document as a basic theoretical construct. If something is represented in order to serve as evidence for some purpose, documentation science see it as a document.

For example a rat running on streets should not be considered as a document. But if it were to be captured, taken to a laboratory and made an object of research, it has been made into a document. It has become physical evidence used by those who research it. The rat is primary document, but scholary articles written about its research are secondary documents.

Document in law

Documents in all forms are frequently found to be material evidence in criminal, civil and administrative proceedings. In criminal aspect witness testimony is a document, which is primary and makes documentation for case, which is secondary documents. Any type of treaty between countries, agreement between individuals, normative act or anything else that includes law (rights, obligations) is a document in Law science aspect.

Each type of document has specific requirements for form and design. Documents made in foreign language usually has to obtain with requirements defined in legislation of chosen country. For example document submission in Latvia in foreign language is regulated by Official Language Law and Document Legalisation Law and also Republic of Latvia Cabinet regulations.

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