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Legal address

Legal address (or registered address, business seat) is a place where the business is managed.

There are two theories regarding business seat in Europe: 1) incorporation theory and 2) company management seat theory.

Legal address in Latvia

It is mandatory to have a legal address according to Latvian Commercial Law. The Latvian Commercial Law states that legal address of the company shall be the address where the management of the company (headquarters of the company) is located.

In practice this means that the person should be reachable at the declared address.

If the taxable person is not available at its legal address or the declared place of residence or the address doesn’t exist, according to Chapter 81 of Article 3 of the law \"On Value Added Tax\", the Tax Authority might excluded the merchant from the Register of VAT Taxed Persons.

Usually the company enters a rent agreement or virtual office for correspondence purposes. Thus, formally the law requirements are fulfilled.

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