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Office of citizenship and migration affairs

The Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs is a state institution under the supervision of the Ministry of Interior of Republic of Latvia and is responsible for issue of identity documents and travel documents, maintenance of the Population Register, determination of legal status of persons and naturalization, implementation of state migration policy, including development and implementation of repatriation and asylum policy.

The office has territorial departments all over Latvia. In Riga is is situated 4 departments. The addresses are: *)Ciekurkalna 1st line, 1, building 3, LV-1026; *)Alunana street 1, LV-1010; *)Maza Nometnu stret 47; *)Daugavpils street 31, LV-1003.


Pursuant to the laws and regulatory enactments in force in Latvia the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs performs the following functions:

Maintenance of Population Register:

*)enter persons in the Population Register and verify the information submitted by the persons to be registered;

*)gather the information needed for the Population Register;

*)maintain and improve automated account keeping system of population;

*)furnished information to persons and administrative institutions in the cases and procedure prescribed by regulatory enactments.

Issuance of identification and travel documents:

*)issue persons identification and travel documents, keep record of the mentioned documents, as well as develop and maintain the relevant data bases;

*)within its competence regulate, document and control entry and stay of foreign citizens and stateless persons in the Republic of Latvia;

Visa issuance for entry into the Republic of Latvia and crossing its territory:

*)ensure issuance of visas;

*)further development of Republic of Latvia regulatory enactments and their harmonization with the legislation of the European Union in the field of *)visa regime and entry of foreign citizens and stateless persons;

*)analyse statistical data and issue related to visa regime;

Developing and implementing repatriation policy:

*)organize repatriation work and administers the resources of Repatriation Fund;

*)carry out activities related to integration of repatriates;

*)accept repatriation documents, make decisions on issuing permits for entry into Latvia and granting repatriates status, as well as issue documents *)confirming a repatriates status.

Developing and implementing asylum policy:

*)in established procedure examine cases and take decisions on granting refugee status or its refusal;

*)issue asylum seekers identification documents and refugee (persons) identification documents.

Determination of legal status of Persons and naturalization

*) determination the belonging of persons to the totality of Latvian citizens, Latvian non–citizens or stateless persons;

Implementing migration policy:

*)participate in carrying out research work related to migration problems;

*)cooperate with international organizations, as well as migration services of other countries, organize international meetings and conferences on *)migration issues and participate in their work;

*)analyse experience of Latvia and other countries in solving migration issues.


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