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Wiki syntax is a specific writing syntax how person with knowledge lack in HTML can edit page and yet to acquire well formatted document.

Syntax of Business Encyclopedia

This is general syntax of Business Encyclopedia which contain only the most needed for well formatted text.


Title examples:

Most important title of main subsections in article

- Syntax of Business Encyclopedia is one example.

Subtitle of the one above

- Titles, Links and Text is marked in this title size.

Lower rank title

- Note is marked in this title size


This is an example lower rank title.


Link text - this wiki supports only inter-linkage as of growing spam treats all over the internet.

Remember to link text only as infinitive noun.


syntax - is a good link

legal person - another good example


Bubble-chew-y-pop - a non-sense words

I have the power - a sentence link is not good either






As you can see this wiki project syntax is simplified to only most needed, so you can get best out of it.

Article information

Below every article you will find following lines:

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They account for count of articles whole business encyclopedia has and the last edit of the page you're currently on.

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